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Produced by: Viola Film, Calabria Region

Director: Gabriele Muccino

Cast: Raoul Bova, Rocío Muñoz Morales

Première at the Rome Film Fest in October, 2020

A land washed by two seas, with uncontaminated mountains and forests. A land with a rich history, culture, and nature, breathtaking colors and sunburned rocky coasts – a unique climate and biodiversity.

Calabria – the region of citrus fruits.

Through these precious gifts of nature, the story follows an emotional path with evocative images: we will discover crystal clear waters, wonderful villages, wild nature, and the most fascinating alleys of Calabria.

Thanks to the great sensitivity of the director – Gabriele Muccino – and his ability to transform images into unforgettable emotions, this short yet great film takes us on a journey full of visions and sensoryl experiences so intriguing and universal that they manage to convey a genuine image of the land of citrus fruits.

The story's common thread is a man, who takes his girlfriend – a beautiful Spanish girl – on a voyage of discovery of his homeland for the first time.

We will go on this journey with them through the region to taste its delights, explore its most authentic places and smell their fragrances: we will enjoy a unique experience called Calabria.