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Tv Movie: Ein Sommer auf Elba

Produced by: Ariane Krampe Filmproduktion GmbH

Broadcaster: ZDF

Director: Jophi Ries

Cast: Robert Schupp, Janek Rieke, Regula Grauwiller

Viola Film's role: Italian Production Service

Release date: January 24, 2021

Share: 13.7% (4.95 million viewers)

Maja wants to spend time with her family, so she decides to go on a summer holiday with her ex-husband, Thorsten, and their two sons – Anton and Erik – on the Island of Elba – something that rarely happens.

However, the boys are more interested in a functioning Wi-Fi connection or a girlfriend back in Germany rather than in family activities on the island. When Thorsten has to leave for Germany on business, Maja decides that the family can manage without her, too, so without further ado, she runs off to the glamping resort of Lorenzo - a man she had met on the ferry ...