Production Service/


8x45' TV Series: FUNERAL FOR A DOG

Produced by: Flare Entertainment GmbH

Broadcaster: Sky Deutschland

Director: Barbara Albert and David Dietl

Viola Film's role: Italian Production Service

Release date: March 17, 2022


After a quarrel, Daniel Mandelkern (Albert Schuch), a journalist from Munich, leaves his wife Elisabeth Emmerich (Anne Ratte-Polle), and travels to Italy to interview the famous German author Mark Svensson (Friedrich Mücke), who lives in an isolated place with the photographer Tuuli Kovero (Alina Tomnikov). Mandelkern's job is supposed to last a few hours, but Tuuli – the heroine of Svensson's novel, as well as his greatest love – asks him to stay. Mandelkern is thus fatally dragged into their lives. He gets caught in the mystery of Tuuli's missing companion – Felix Blaumeiser (Daniel Sträßer) – and gets involved in a fascinating story that resembles the one in Svensson's novel: a love triangle that started in Colombia, blossomed in Finland, and ended on a summer night in New York with a tragic death by the lake.