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8x50’ TV Series: THE SWARM

Produced by: Schwarm Tv Production (Joint-Company of Intaglio Films & Ndf International Production) for Zdf, France Télévisions, Rai Fiction, Viaplay Group, Hulu Japan, Orf, Srf, co-prod. with Bravado Fiction and Beside Production, prod. in co-operation with Athos Kg

Director: Barbara Eder, Philipp Stölzl and Luke Watson

Viola Film’s position: Italian Service Production

After years of unrestrained pollution and relentless climate change, a mysterious and invisible force, dwelling in the deep, takes control of the ocean creatures, manipulating them and turning them into enemies declaring war to mankind.

While human society is falling apart through a continuous wave of attacks, the Earth’s fate is in the hands of a team of scientists; they need to find out what is really causing the attacks, and unveil the unidentified, unfathomable creature lying beneath them, before it’s too late.

Produced by ndF International Production and Intaglio Films, together with ZDF, France Télévisions, ViaPlay and RAI, the Series is based on the bestseller by Frank Schätzing, which was translated in 27 languages and sold 4.5 million copies only in Germany.

Viola Film was in charge of the executive production in Italy.

Shooting took place in Italy and Belgium and ended in September ’21.