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Produced by: Viola Film and Rai Fiction

Broadcast by: Rai

Director: Alessandro Angelini

Cast: Massimiliano Gallo, Denise Capezza, Lina Sastri

Release date: October 20, 2022

Semi-unemployed, semi-divorced, semi-happy, but most of all a lawyer doomed to failure. More a psychologist than an attorney, Vincenzo Malinconico’s thoughts are always wandering off topic. He mainly defends friends and relatives in non-particularly demanding cases, which he doesn’t always win. He’s separated and has two kids; women like him because he’s insecure, but he never manages to get romantically involved. Vincenzo Malinconico arouses us with his ram shackled events, by showing us the world through his ironic and genuine eyes.  

RAI’s new Series, "Vincenzo Malinconico, Attorney", is directed by Alessandro Angelini, based on the bestseller by Diego De Silva, and produced by Viola Film and Rai Fiction.

Attorney Vincenzo Malinconico is played by Massimiliano Gallo; next to are Lina Sastri, Denise Capezza, Teresa Saponangelo, Francesco Di Leva, Giovanni Ludeno, Luca Gallone, as well as Michele Placido and Ana Caterina Murariu.

The shooting of the series took place in Rome and Salerno. It lasted 16 weeks and ended on October 15, 2021.